Michael Jackson's Thriller Album

Hear from the players behind the best selling album of all time

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Stories In The Room is a new podcast series that features conversations with songwriters, producers, engineers and musicians about their shared trust, fear and joy creating music together in the recording studio bubble. You’ll not only learn how the songs were written, performed and recorded, but you’ll also hear the untold back stories about the people behind the studio magic.


As we approach the 40th anniversary of the iconic Michael Jackson Thriller album, there is still an insatiable interest by fans, musicians, and music lovers of all ages around-the-world to know more about it. Much is known about the cultural phenomena that happened after the album’s release, but these untold first-hand stories will illuminate the unexpected journey that led to these infectious melodies and beats hitting the streets.


In conjunction with Audivita Studios, hosts Anthony Marinelli (Thriller musician) and Steven Ray (Thriller production assistant) speak with the talented people that contributed to the creation of the songs, performances and recording process while in the room with Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones at Westlake Studios. Long time friends Marinelli and Ray re-unite the surviving participants from the album that speak directly from the heart about their shared camaraderie and experience.
L-R: Steven Ray and Anthony Marinelli at Anthony's studio with original synthesizers and drum machine used throughout Michael Jackson's Thriller album (photo 2020)


Production partner David Wolf is founder and CEO of Audivita Studios, a virtual podcast production company with more than 40 podcast series in production, featuring a team that has created audio content for notable clients Sony, Amblin, Discovery Channel, NBC Universal and Disney and for brands Frito-Lay, McDonald’s, Southwest Airlines, Miller Brewing, Embassy Suites, Procter & Gamble and Texas Instruments.
The podcast is directed by award-winning documentary film director Christian D. Bruun. 
Stories In The Room: “Michael Jackson’s Thriller Album” will be distributed worldwide on major podcast channels such as iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeart, TuneIn, Amazon, Google and YouTube.